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Published on December 30, 2008 By Boudica In Just Hanging Out

I am so proud of my shopping success at Kohl's that I had to share it with the world.  I bought some clothes for my boys for Christmas.  I know clothes are no fun for kids but they needed them so that's how it was - ha ha.  When I bought their clothes I got a coupon for $10 off my purchase after the holidays.  So I went with the intention of getting some new shoes for work.  The thing was that the ones I really wanted weren't available in my size.  Bummer but at least I got out of there cheaper.

I got a pair of earrings for $3.  I got two pairs of sunglasses 90% off - woot - woot!  $2.60 a piece.  That way I can have a pair in my purse and in my car at all times.  I also found a fabulous Nine and Co. leather purse for only $12.  My grand total for two pairs of sunglasses, a leather purse and a pair of earrings!?!  $11.00.  I wish all shopping trips could be so fun and fulfilling.  Don't worry I'll leave out the relative unexcitement of my trip to Walmart. 

Oh its the small joys that make life worthwhile. 

on Dec 30, 2008

I love bargain hunting. But the bad thing is I love doing it alone. I feel more comfortable going through every item in a store when I'm all by myself. I know, Amy poor Rose.

on Dec 30, 2008

I am sorry to inform you that you that your information is wrong. My wife is currently the queen of bargain shopping...however, if you are interested in a Duchessy, she will endow it.

on Dec 31, 2008

I am wishing to be a bargain queen. My problem is no patience and I don't like shopping. I like stuff though. Therein lies  my problem. Ha...I wish you could be my personal shopper. Hey, there's a side job for you.

Happy 2009 Boudica! This is your year to claim.

on Dec 31, 2008

Bargains do make for smiles!  I am looking for some right about now as well.  Have a great new year!

on Dec 31, 2008

I love when I find bargains...now if only I could just get myself to shop more. 

Sometimes I shop w/ a partner...one takes a bit toooo long (sis), and one (ahem...chris) gets impatient with me. Even though I do appreciate their company, I think I do my best shopping alone.

on Dec 31, 2008

I love a bargain!  For me it's sort of like going hunting.  I'm always looking for that great catch of the day.  Today was a good day. But lately been having alot of good days....here's a sampling.

Around here we go to Beall's Outlet.  Once a month or so they have a "change the dot day" with one color dot being 95% off.  The next one down is 70% off.  So  today I looked for orange and blue dots. 

  At one of these stores I bought:

3  Little Boy's Swimming Trunks (very cute) Regular price $16.99.....got each for 30 cents each for a total of $.90.  They had them marked down at $5.99 each so take 95% off that. 

2 Woman's Terrycloth Swim Suit Coverups one in pretty pink another in a pretty coral....$.45 cents each.  They had them maked down at $8.99 before the discount.

1 Pair of nice men's olive green long shorts regular price $24.00....got for $.65.  You can't even buy the material for this price.   

2 Mens Russell Athletic Tee Shirts; one in a nice yellow another in a dark green for $.35 cents each. 

The total bill for all this was a whopping $3.38.  Pretty good catch.  My friend who was with me literally dropped her jaw! 

At another Bealls I got a nice woman's white "Florida" tee shirt for $.20 cents.  I got two pairs of pj's for $3.90 each (70% off). 

This stuff is all brand names like Liz Claiborne, Erin London, Leslie Faye, Adidais and Nike etc.  I got an Adidais  black running top with built in running bra for $.50.  They had it MARKED DOWN to $19.99 and after the 95% it cost me $.50.  I got my son a Nike muscle tee shirt for the gym for something like that as well. 

And the jewelry....got a nice pair of gold earrings (I'm wearing to an upcoming wedding) for $.15 cents!  It goes well with the necklace I'm going to wear for about $1.50.  It doesn't look inexpensive at all. 

I walk out of there shaking my head.  Wore a very nice outfit to church on Sunday and including the jewelry the whole thing didn't cost me $7.00.  The black dress pants alone were originally $40 and the black sweater was originally $48.00.  Last week I wore a Sag Harbor Skirt (75 cents) with a matching creme short sleeved jacket (.50 cents) for a total outfit of $1.25!   Got a few of these outifts of diff colors. 

On Fridays I get an additional 15% off because I'm under 50 so I try to shop only on Fridays.  If my card is completely punched out (punched for every $10 purchase) they take off an additonal 20%.  So last Friday I had a bought big for a total of  well  over $100 after just the 70& off everything.  All the dots on this particular day were 70% off (after a holiday).  So after that they took my punched card and took off another 20% and then another 15% for it being Friday.  I walked out of there only spending about $70 total and the loot I carried home was unreal. 

I'm starting on next Christmas!!!