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Published on October 12, 2008 By Boudica In Life Journals

Today I volunteered to face paint at the Libraryfest.  Yes, I admit that it was a bit self-serving because I am hoping to get some paid jobs as a result of the business cards that I handed out.  Still, I was there for four hours, using my own supplies, happily painting all of the kiddos I could. 

The kids were wonderful.  Most of them are so sweet and happy.  The smiles when they look in the mirror are priceless.  It just tickles me when they tell me how pretty they are.  Or when they growl like the tiger or mew like the kitty I just painted them as.  There was the sweetest little girl all dressed in purple who wanted to be a purple kitty.  There were two sisters that wanted to jaguars and they looked fabulous if I do say so myself.  There was the sweetest little boy who got painted as a puppy and he was so good and still.  I was amazed that such a little guy could sit so well.  I absolutely love the grown-ups who want to be painted too.  I know some think they should just let the kids get painted but I think the adults who get painted are so fun.  They waited in line too.  Why shouldn't they get painted if they want to? 

Most of the parents were also great.  They happily waited in line and thanked me for painting their kids.  But why are there always that vocal few who just make everything yucky.  The one mom who comes back and starts pawing through my supplies and sarcastically asking if she could help.  She can't believe they only have ONE painter.  Well they only have ONE painter because ONE painter volunteered to paint the kids for free.  And those supplies you seem to think are public property are actually MY property.  I have paid hundreds of dollars for those paints, brushes, sponges and glitter. 

Another man came back and loudly complained when told the line was already closed.  He said I told him I was closing for a break.  Yes, I took one break.  Unfortunately during the four hours - I had to urinate.  I guess next time I should just wear a depends since that one five minute break was so inconvenient.  It's not even so much what is said as it is the way they say it.  Like they are so important and should absolutely get what they want, NOW!  The ones that I feel bad for are the kids of these jerky parents.  How embarassing for them.  The parents need to think about the example they are setting for their children. 

I am so thankful that the library provided me with a line manager.  Doreen was sweet and really helpful.  So I'm glad that I was able to participate and plan on participating again next year.  I will set down a few more ground rules before the event though.   It's always a learning experience.  I learned what does and doesn't work today so next time, I will be more prepared.  Some of the library staff needed to just back off.  I understand that they want to help get more children painted but I can't let other people use my supplies, teach them what to do and continue my painting too.   

I will be painting at lights on after school at my son's school on Thursday.  Another volunteer job but hopefully some paying jobs will be coming shortly.  I don't have the budget to advertise or to rent a booth at a festival so I'm hoping to maybe book some birthday or halloween parties.  I would love to get a website up too.  I bought my domain name from Go Daddy and my BIL said he would put a website together for me but he never did.  I would love to get a restaurant job but so far I haven't had any luck there.   I am going to call the one festival and see if there is anyway they would let me paint for a percentage of what I make instead of paying the booth rent.  Face painting is different than a craft booth where everything is made in advance.  I can only paint as much as I can paint.  Face painting - while you wait.    I'm not guaranteed that anyone will even want to be painted on a pay per face basis.  I consider it more of an entertainment item than a hard good.  I guess it doesn't hurt to ask.  They worst thing they can do is say no. 

on Oct 12, 2008

There are always a few jerk parents at these gatherings isn't there? They ruin it for everyone around, especially their own children.

You will get busy. It just will take time and passing out the cards at those functions is a great way to go.

You should take some pictures of the the faces you like the best and save for eventually maybe some pamphlets or posters. That you can make on demand to save costs.

Maybe another idea would be to contact the bowling alleys, skating rinks, restaurants and other places in your area that do birthday packages and see if you can get included for a fee. You are so talented I know you will be a success. Unfortunately the getting started part takes time.

Hey, if you work at a car place next time they do one of those tent sales they should hire you to do that. I know, I know, I am just trying to help.

on Oct 12, 2008

Thanks for the encouragment, Kellie.  I have been leaving my cards at restaurants and at jump extreme (bounce house) and mavericks (a gymnastics place) and a local museum.  Nothing has come of it yet but I'm still hopeful.  I think I will drop one off at the roller rink.  We don't even have a bowling alley in my podunk town but maybe I could leave some at the bowling alleys in FW. 

on Oct 12, 2008

I'm proud of you for sticking to your guns, going out there and putting your paintbrushes where they can be seen!  Good for you! I do fliers, if you want my help, I'll gladly volunteer some free sets for you!  I've done some on the side this summer as a part of a business start up that I began but had to halt for a bit (did some work for a car company that was really a great eye opener!)  I think approaching a dealership to see if they want your services is a great idea!

on Oct 13, 2008

You could make some kind of temporary website using a blog and link it back to your domain name.

There is a blog I go to called www.strobist.com but it is through Blogger.  It's actually a www.strobist.blogspot.com site.  There's some button or selection you can make on the edit page or the dashboard or something.    It's not a perfect solution, but it is free.  

I have a websitetonight site from GoDaddy, but I'm not a big fan of how it looks when pictures are put in via gallery.  However, if you insert images directly, it looks better.  It is really easy to use though.  I know you have another blog so you would have no problem with Website tonight if that's what you want.

I can't believe someone was pawing through your stuff.  I HATE when people paw through without asking.  I'm happy to show people stuff though.  You have so much patience not to have said anything.

Next year, you should get someone to come and take some pictures of the kids for you.  You probably need to ask the parents for permission to put up the child's photo, but if they are in makeup and you don't release any info, a friendly parent would probably be okay with it.  Since they will be web or fairly small, you don't need a pro-photographer, just someone with a good eye.  It would be good to show whoever shoots your pictures some examples of other face painting photos you like so they can do something similar instead of having to figure it out and get it wrong.

If you can't put the picture on the website, explain that you are going to use the photos for a sample book that clients would be looking at for examples of what you do.  Then you have proof of your excellent work and happy customers!  (Maybe you do this already).


Looking forward to your other face-painting adventures!

on Oct 14, 2008

Next year, you should get someone to come and take some pictures of the kids for you.

My helper took some photos but most of them came out pretty blurry.  I do take pictures when I paint when I have permission so I should have enough to have a small gallery on my website. 

I can't believe someone was pawing through your stuff. I HATE when people paw through without asking. I'm happy to show people stuff though. You have so much patience not to have said anything.
  I know some people are so NERVY and rude. 

You could make some kind of temporary website using a blog and link it back to your domain name.
  A couple of the face painters just use a myspace etc.  I'm going to do some more research and figure out the best way for me to go.  I really only need one page.  I think my domain name is up in December which is rolling right around. 


Good for you! I do fliers, if you want my help, I'll gladly volunteer some free sets for you!
That would be wonderful. 

I'm proud of you for sticking to your guns, going out there and putting your paintbrushes where they can be seen!
  Thanks.  I'm on a face painting group and they are of the opinion you should not paint for free because people start to expect you to always be a free painter but I just got a phone call for a birthday party - Yay! 

on Jun 12, 2014

When I'm doing face painting at a flea market, how do I keep the face painting supplies from drying out between customers? Is the paint effectiveness affected by being in the sun? Do I need to keep the paints cold?