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Published on December 28, 2008 By Boudica In Movies & TV & Books

I am still sniffling and recovering from the downer, Seven Pounds.  I don't mean that it wasn't a good movie.  It was a good movie.  Just very, very, incredibly, heartbreakingly sad. 

So what do you think is the saddest movie ever?  Is there a movie that always makes you cry?  There aren't too many that really get to me.  I can handle Jack freezing to death in the icy Atlantic.  I can take most of the tear jerkers.  This one got to me.  We Were Soldiers, I kept crying even after the movie was over. 

And why is it that men don't cry?  I know it has to have some effect on them.  How can it not?  Are they robots?  They have feelings and emotions too, don't they?  But they are all so stoic?  macho?  I don't know. 

And what is wrong with me that I cared more about the dog in I am Legend than the main dude? 

This is my sad movie ramble for today. 

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on Dec 29, 2008

I thought Map of the Human Heart was incredibly sad.  Well, I suppose tragic and disturbing (and not because of psycho thriller type plotting).

on Dec 29, 2008

I've always thought 1967's In Cold Blood was incredibly sad. I guess because it was true.

on Dec 30, 2008

And rightly so, the dog was far more interesting. BTW, the movie differed completely from the book, (in the book, the 'main dude' was a genocidal sadist, was captured and tried by the zombies, and put to death in a horrible way.)
  My son read the book but I never did.  I'll add that to my ...someday list.

I never saw Sophies Choice or Night Mother but I have seen Terms of Endearment.  For some reason I can't separate Deborah Winger from her role as Sissy in Urban Cowboy.  That's what I see when I see her - "She can ride that thing better than you". 


I thought Map of the Human Heart was incredibly sad. Well, I suppose tragic and disturbing (and not because of psycho thriller type plotting).
  I've never seen this one. 

I've always thought 1967's In Cold Blood was incredibly sad. I guess because it was true.

Yes, that always really ups the trauma when it is based on an actual event. 

on Dec 30, 2008



This is a review by Ebert about Map of the Human Heart.  I don't know if it has too many spoilers.  Not everyone likes this movie.  Some people think it is flat, others think it's like a Harlequin Romance (which I tend to like but disagree with this analogy strongly).

One friend I watched it with said it had a happy ending.  I called him an idiot. 

on Dec 30, 2008

Shadowlands made me bawl like a baby.

on Dec 30, 2008

"Click" reduced me to sobbing.

on Dec 30, 2008

I thought Pay It Forward had a very sad ending.

on Jan 15, 2009

"Click" reduced me to sobbing.


Yeah, me too. The end, when he's telling his son not to let anything get in the way of family...man. i was all teary-eyed and sniffly!

on Jan 15, 2009

Reign on me, with Adam Sadler and Don Cheadle... boo hoo all the way.

on Feb 10, 2009

ok I'm coming to this late but I have to comment. 

A little princess makes me bawl.  It's such a sad father daughter movie.  Makes me think of my daddy.

on Mar 08, 2009

Revolutionary Road was a movie I recently saw that left me very depressed, even though I didn't cry. Pay it forward was also very sad.

on Mar 11, 2009

I thought this thread was going to be about "Old Yeller"

on Apr 10, 2009

Legends of the Fall made me cry

on Mar 16, 2010

it was Remember Me This movie makes a huge story about two familes and lovers are apart for their parents crisis. at times movie speakes stright into hearts and i did enjoy it rather tears what fallen over with it.did you still to see it..oh boy one downlaod movies we saw it and quite nice movie for all.





on May 13, 2010

It's hard to tell which one is the saddest. However, I'd recommend "The classic", an Korean movie. It really is touching, and also romantic.

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