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a random update from boudica
Published on December 13, 2008 By Boudica In Just Hanging Out

My Christmas tree is pathetic.  It was just a $25 prelit tree so you can imagine that even when it was new out of the box it wasn't the most wonderful creation.  But now the lights in the middle aren't working.  There is a huge gap in the middle and the bottom also bare and horrible.  I am going to just say to heck with it and decorate it anyway.  Hopefully the decorations will distract from the problems.

I haven't been on the computer much because my computer keeps crashing.  I hate to spend time writing something and then have the computer die on me before I can post it.  I do have internet back on at home but now I have this computer issue.  I have anti-virus software which I update regularly.  I don't know what the problem is.  I'm thinking that I need to slick the whole works.  I do have a fabulous new computer screen so I no longer have the funhouse mirror warped sides effect that I've had going on for a while. 

My work has blocked our internet access to most everything.  Since we are slow they don't want people wasting time on the internet.  I guess they pay the bills so they get to decide but blocking news sites?  I can understand blocking myspace and youtube but I think it's a bit extreme blocking news sites.  The new internet block have also blocked the company directory so the two hours a day that I am on the phone, I am mostly connecting employees instead of answering customer calls.  Crazy.  I talked to my manager and hopefully it will be fixed Monday.

The good thing is that I have a new job that I am learning so I am now very busy at work.  It is kind of confusing to me but I will keep on until I get it figured out.  I just will have to ask a lot of questions in the meantime.  I was having to pray daily on the way to work that I have enough work to keep me busy the whole day.  I am not very good at milking work and I hate not having something to do.  Especially when there have already been many layoffs at my company.  Sitting on your hands is not encouraged. 

I think I am getting more and more wussy in my old age.  I tried to watch the new batman last night and it was just too intense and disturbing for me.  I haven't completely been desensitized.  This isn't even a traditionally "scary"  movie.  I don't even try to watch them anymore.  I am just too sensitive to watch those things.

Okay I'm posting before I lose this. Oh I almost forgot to tell you that I got to see the space shuttle landing and taking off from JRB in Fort Worth this week.  That was exciting.  It was like a fire drill getting out of the office for a few minutes.  Now whenever I need a break I'm just going to tell them that I am going to oustide to look at the space shuttle - lolz.  Like that would work.  We could see it standing in our parking lot.  When it arrived it was really close.  I didn't get any pictures but I did get to see it.  When it left it was just a speck but I still saw it.  Pretty cool, huh?


on Dec 13, 2008

Nice to see you around...seems like quite awhile since I read something from ya.   Don't fret about the Chrismtas tree...mine is $20, fake, with gaps, too...lol.  I just try to pretty it up as best I can.

Hope your new job is going well for you...how cool is that to be able to see the space shuttle while at work.

I saw that Batman movie w/ Chris...yep, pretty dark and disturbing on some parts, but pretty fascinating, too.


on Dec 13, 2008

Glad to see you back! You're one I've been missing.

on Dec 13, 2008

Thanks for commenting Rose and Joe.  It's nice to be missed. 

on Dec 13, 2008

Boudica..I am so happy to see you posting. You are missed.

It sounds like you are growing in your job. Congratulations. You are so smart and creative. I know your employers see what a catch they have with you. That's if they are smart.

I hope you can get your computer figured out. And about that tree....Remember the best Christmas tree of all? Charlie Browns! You are in good company.

on Dec 15, 2008

What is your computer doing when it crashes? (What kind of errors or lack there of, and how does it crash - BSOD?  Mouse and KB Lock)?

It might be something simple.

But good to see you when you do get a chance.

on Dec 16, 2008

Amy, so good to see you around. 

I've been having some modem issues which kept me quiet for a while but now it is fixed and I'm hoping to be a little more regular.

Like your work, my work has lots of restrictions for different sites.  For some reason, though, JU isn't one of them, thankfully.  And at least I can go to news sites if I want.

I watched The Dark Knight again this past weekend.  I love the movie but know what you mean about it being somewhat intense.  Heath Ledger did an awesome job as The Joker.  It is so sad he is no longer around.

on Dec 16, 2008

Like your work, my work has lots of restrictions for different sites. For some reason, though, JU isn't one of them, thankfully. And at least I can go to news sites if I want.

I feel better about it because it's everyone in the company.  I got a horrible message when I was INNOCENTLY - I swear - trying to find a picture of Teemu Selanne to show my friend.  She is prego and I told her she should name her baby after my favorite hockey player.  I tried to pull up  a picture and got a message that I had tried to access a sexually explicit website that the managers would be informed and that I might lose my internet access.  Yikes!  


What is your computer doing when it crashes

It just turns off.  Goes blank.  no warnings.  No messages.  Just bloop - you're done. 

And about that tree....Remember the best Christmas tree of all? Charlie Browns! You are in good company.
  That's true.  I've been debating on trying to buy one.  It's close enough to Christmas that I think I could maybe get a good deal.  But not at Walmart.  I already checked there and they're still too high. 

on Dec 17, 2008

It just turns off. Goes blank. no warnings. No messages. Just bloop - you're done.

Feel Handy?  It sounds like the power supply (and it is just going to get worse).  But they are not that expensive (about $40-50) and not too bad to install!  Just open up the computer - look where all your leads are going, then go to a local computer place (not a big box store) and get the same kind (if you tell them the make and model, chances are they can find the match).

Then just take out the old one, one lead at a time, and document.  When it is out, put the new one in, the same way.

Just make sure you get the plugs in snug and correctly. 

Good luck!

on Dec 17, 2008

Then just take out the old one, one lead at a time, and document. When it is out, put the new one in, the same way.
  Thanks for the directions.  This sounds like a project I can tackle this weekend.  I'll let you know if I succeed or not.