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July 31, 2008 by Boudica
One of my digg friends (my online friends are legion) submitted this and I thought it was really on point and interesting so I thought I would share it with my JU friends. Just because you know someone's party affiliation does not mean that you KNOW them.  You can't assume that because someone is Republican that they hate nature and want to cover the planet with blacktop, have a gameshow host hairdo and wish they could personally waterboard suspected terrorists.  You also canno...
October 25, 2008 by Boudica
I really don't understand how at this point any voter could still be undecided.  Who are these people?  I mean philosophically shouldn't you already lean towards one candidate or the other.  Do these people just want to be interviewed as an "undecided" voter?  I can understand leaning one way but maybe having reservations about a candidate.  But honestly - undecided?  I think anyone that is undecided at this point should just not vote.