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It shouldn't be a newsflash to anyone that images in the media are vastly altered.  For woman, it seems that cleavage is a must.  Well there are some women who do not have humongous boobs, real or fake.  Many of those woman are just fine with their bodies but the powers that be thank that no one could possibly think anything less than a DoubeD is attractive. 

I am so glad to see some actresses putting their foot down and telling them to leave their images alone.  The latest is when Kiera Knightly told the movie execs to leave her flat chest on the promotional poster for The Duchess.  I also remember Kirsten Dunst saying they went to far with her Mary Jane character in the video games based on the Spiderman movies. 

So let's hear it for women who love their body as is.  Beauty isn't a cup size. 

on Jul 30, 2008

Hollywood has always been the home of the double standard.  While they speak out against "sexual harrassment in the workplace" they insist on retaining the right to tell women that showing skin is a requirement of employment.  They'll tell us how backward we all are, but wasn't it THEM who refused to offer private dressing rooms to Black actors until the 80's?

Even if the real person in a "true story" wasn't a white male, they will often cast one in the lead role for the film.  We all saw "21" right?

It's cool to hear of actresses like Kiera Knightly and Jamie Lee Curtis.  We're tired of being told what is and what isn't sexy.  Hollywood and the incompetent press are the authors of Anorexia and Bulimia, it's time we quit binging and just purge the hypocrits!

on Jul 30, 2008

We're tired of being told what is and what isn't sexy.
  Exactly, many men LOVE curvy women.  Stick thin with huge boobs isn't the only sexy body in the world. 

on Jul 30, 2008
double standard

You are such a punster, Ted.
on Jul 30, 2008
I don't think Kiera is a great example for body pride, though, as her appearance is gaunt and excessively thin and while she admits many women in her family have battled eating disorders, she won't fess up herself.

She is a beautiful woman, but I'm not buying it from her. Especially considering the gobs of movies she's been in where she has allowed...umm...enhancement.

I agree with the sentiment, but the movement needs a more believable spokeswoman, IMO!
on Jul 30, 2008
You're right, she looks scary in those pictures. She said that she wasn't asked before she saw the posters for King Arthur.
on Jul 30, 2008

She also had no star power when King Arthur came out.

on Jul 31, 2008
I like Kiera in the movies I've seen her in. I do applaud her taking a stand for her body and enhancements though! I do really hate that she does seem to have an eating disorder problem because she was not as skinny when she first came to hollywood! I know the camera adds extra pounds, but my god!!!
on Aug 04, 2008

just eat something Mary-Kate! You look like a save the children commercial. Eat a sandwich and the boobs will be there. But good for her to reject the Hollywood image machine

on Sep 06, 2008

I like her, she should put on some weight though, I hate a woman with abs...

on Sep 06, 2008

My wife's a card carrying proud member of the itty bitty titty committee so once upon a time I bought her this t-shirt: http://spik3.com/cgi-bin/store/shopcity.cgi/00ps.00ps-125309558+keep-your-hands-off-my-tuts-women-plus-size-tshirt.html

Of course I ignored the t-shirt's warning every chance I got too...

on Sep 06, 2008

Hmm, I wouldn't want to leave her little boobs alone . . .